About Me

I am a film and digital photographer and writer based in Boston, MA. As an environmentalist and artist, I seek to question our relationship to the natural world, and how our own preconceptions shape our relationship to the world around us.

I attended Emerson College; majoring in Environmental Journalism and minoring in Photography. My other roles include working as the Photo Director for em Magazine and Photo Editor for Boston Art Review. 


2018 Emerson College, Bachelor of Science, Minor in Photography

Solo Exhibitions

Nov. 17'-Dec. 17' Tres Gatos, Jamaica Plain, ‘Dust'

Group Exhibitions

2017 Hidden Lantern Art Festival, Emerson College, 'To Honoring My Childhood'

2018 Practicum Exhibition '12 Faces'Emerson College, 'Of Earth'

2018 Photographic Resource Center Student Exhibition, Lesley College, ‘Rebirthing 1’ & 'Rebirthing 2'


Fall 2017 em Magazine, Vitality

Fall 2017 Gauge Magazine, Glow

Fall 2017 Atlas Magazine, Elements

Spring 2018 em Magazine, Exclamation

Spring 2018 Developed Images, Public vs. Private

Spring 2018 Boston Art Review, Issue 01, Notions of Place

Fall 2018 Boston Art Review, Issue 02, Field Work

Fall 2018 em Magazine, Connection

Fall 2018 Kindling Collective, Meditations 

Fall 2018 Developed Images Post Card Book, Orange

Spring 2018 em Magazine, The 21st Issue

Spring 2018 Developed Images, Phone Book

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