This is about seeing

My own thoughts along with excerpts from Ram Dass’s 1975 lecture, Living in the Paradox of Consciousness and The Good Husband of Zebra Drive by Alexander Mccall Smith


Embodying Landscape

Embodying landscape explores my personal relationship to landscape throughout my life. Through questioning the autonomy of landscape over that of humankind, I hope to uncover how we can move forward in our future relationship to the land. In the end I believe I strike a balance; the landscape is ourselves, and therefore there is no separation between the experience of landscape and our own experience.

Music by Jack Tietjen and Cinematography by Noah Chiet.



With a little help from some friends; welcome to the trip. (I still can’t sleep.)



Light blinds our desires, expectations, emotions. The overwhelming nature of light follows us; we do not follow it. Light overwhelms our senses, leaves us full with the whole spectrum of color. The absence of everything becomes the presence of everything all at the same time. And we for that moment become melded with the temporal in our incapacity to discern experience.

Music by Jack Canaan


The Buddha and the Demon

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